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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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In an effort to improve the appearance and stability of neighborhoods within the city, the city has begun enforcing a graffiti ordinance which places the responsibility of graffiti removal on the property owner.

Beginning October 15, 2007, approximately 50 Wilmington property owners will be notified by mail that they are in violation of the ordinance. If the graffiti is not removed or covered by the property owner within 15 days, the City may issue a $100 per day citation. Additionally, the City may hire a private contractor to remove the graffiti. One-time grant funding is available for low-income property owners to help with abatement costs. The city adopted the ordinance last year.

Graffiti is not only unsightly, but it is also costly to taxpayers, decreases property values, and can lead to other criminal activity. The graffiti ordinance, passed in late 2006, gives City Code Enforcement officials a useful tool to help combat the graffiti problem. "Graffiti contributes to the decline of neighborhoods. Enforcement of this graffiti abatement program will help to turn around that decline and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods," said Dewey Harris, director of Community Services.

Graffiti and other code enforcement violations should be reported to the city’s code enforcement office by calling 341-3266.

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