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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Council votes to Annex Monkey Junction


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Wilmington City Council took the final step toward the annexation of the Monkey Junction area on May 5 by voting for the annexation.

Two public information meetings were held on March 26 and April 2, giving the public the opportunity to come out and meet staff from various city departments and ask questions one-on-one. The Public Hearing for the annexation of the Monkey Junction area took place on April 7.

The annexation is scheduled to take effect in June 2010.

The process began when Council approved a “resolution of intent” on February 3. This is the legal term indicating the city's intent to investigate an annexation and is the first step needed to start a possible annexation process.

Annexation is the process which legally allows a city or town to expand its boundaries. State law recognizes that annexation is necessary for the long-term growth and vitality of cities. 

The Monkey Junction study area, generally bounded by South College and Carolina Beach roads, consists of approximately 1.5 square miles and 3,300 people as well as many commercial and retail establishments.
The law outlines criteria that must be met, including making sure the area under consideration is urban in nature. The chart below indicates how the Monkey Junction area meets the state criteria. 
State criteria
MJ characteristics
Urban in nature:
Urban in nature:
     —Contiguous to city limits
     —Contiguous to city limits
     —At least 2.3 residents per acre
     —3.48 residents per acre
     —At least 60% non-agricultural lots
     —89% of lots non-agricultural
Monkey Junction area...
  • Considered appropriate for annexation for several years
  • Clearly an extension of city
  • Large concentration of commercial properties in highly urbanized area
Annexation helps spread the cost of providing services to those living close to a city to people who benefit from them. It addresses the taxpayer inequity that results from those living just outside the city using city services such as city streets, city parks and public safety, without helping to pay for their upkeep. Cities provide service and amenities such as transportation, public safety, recreation, economic development, shopping and jobs that benefit not only city taxpayers, but also those living outside the city.
Key Dates
February 3
First Council vote
February 17
Council vote on annexation service plan
March 26
Public Information Meeting at City Hall
April 2
Public Information Meeting at Codington Elementary
April 7
Public Hearing
May 5
Final annexation vote
June 2010
Annexation goes into effect
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