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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Details about the Monkey Junction Study Area

Annexation is the process which legally allows a city or town to expand its boundaries. It may be requested by citizens or initiated by the municipality. North Carolina state law recognizes that city-initiated annexations are necessary for the long-term growth and vitality of cities.

The state has established guidelines that define which areas may be annexed, among other things. To summarize:

  •  According to state law, the area must be mainly urban. There must be at least 2 residents per acre, and at least 60 percent of the lots must be used for non-agricultural purposes.
    • The Monkey Junction annexation area has 3.48 persons per acre
    • 89 percent of the total number of lots and tracts in the Monkey Junction annexation area are non-agricultural and used for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental purposes
  • The North Carolina General Statute specifies that at least 12.5 percent of the boundary of the annexed area must be adjacent to the existing city limits.
    • 20.3 percent of the annexed area adjoins the city’s border
  • The city must provide all services offered to current residents to the annexed residents within a specified time frame, generally within 24 months.

According to the North Carolina League of Municipalities, annexation addresses the taxpayer inequity that results from those living just outside the city using city services such as city streets, city parks and public safety, without helping to pay for their upkeep. Annexation helps spread the cost of providing services to those living close to a city to people who benefit from them. Cities provide service and amenities such as transportation, public safety, recreation, economic development, shopping and jobs that benefit not only city taxpayers, but also those living outside the city.

Click here to see if your addresses is included in the Monkey Junction annexation area.


Questions about annexation?
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Monkey Junction annexation.

View the City's page on Annexation.

View the Monkey Junction Annexation Area Service Plan which details how the city plans to provide and finance services to the annexed area.


Please note, maps may take a few moments to load. 

View a map of the current city limits and annexation area.

View a close-up map of the annexation area.

View a map showing a breakdown of how land in the Monkey Junction area is used.

View a presentation on the annexation.

View the Resolution of Intent

View Resolution Attachment A: legal boundary description of annexation area.

View FAQs on annexation from the North Carolina League of Municipalities.

View the North Carolina General Statutes regarding annexation.



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