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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Southside area neighborhood plan meeting

The city will hold a public meeting on Thursday as another step in the development of a neighborhood plan for the Southside area. The meeting will be held at the MLK Community Center, located at 401 South 8th Street.

A neighborhood plan for the Southside is being developed to help guide future development of the area. Community input is a vital part of the planning process and residents are encouraged to participate. Several meetings and focus groups have already been held to gather input.

As the city rapidly approaches build-out, it becomes increasingly important to proactively prepare for the development of remaining vacant land, infill development, and redevelopment of existing areas. Development of small-area neighborhood plans help build consensus and a shared vision for the future of a community, which leads to clear expectations for residents, property owners, and developers alike.

The Southside area is facing increasing redevelopment pressures in light of the success of development downtown and an increased demand for urban mixed use living, working, and retail/commercial space. The development of this plan by the city is an effort to help guide development proactively in tandem with the redevelopment already underway in the northern downtown area.

The Southside plan area includes the Dry Pond, Bottom, and Lake Forest neighborhoods. The plan area is bounded by the river to the west, 17th Street to the east, Market Street to the north, and Greenfield Lake to the south.


View a map of the study area. (May take a few moments to load).

Visit the city's Planning Division page for more details about the meeting, including highlights from the past three meetings.


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