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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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First annual service award


Nominees for Service Awards

Left to right: Rob Zapple, Johnnie Henagan, Paul Lawler, Lauren Galleher.

Johnnie Henagan selected as winner of city's first annual Service Award

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo congratulates Johnnie Henagan, winner of the first annual City Council Service Award 


The Wilmington City Council awarded the first annual service award to Johnnie Henagan at their meeting on Feb. 2. The other nominees were Rob Zapple, Paul Lawler and Lauren Galleher.

The Council created the award and sought nominations over the last several months. The service award recognizes a citizen who gives significant time and effort to the community by serving on a City Board or Commission. Nominees must be serving on a City of Wilmington Board or Commission in an unpaid capacity; have served on the Board or Commission for at least one year; and must contribute to the overall success of the Board or Commission.

Henagan has been a commissioner on the city’s Planning Commission for more than 6 years. He was also on the city’s Board of Adjustment for 7 years, serving as chairman for the last 3 years. A retired Colonel from the US Army, he worked for the American Red Cross for 32 years, was a co‐founder of the local Council of Neighborhood Association (CONA) and has been President of the Sunset Park Neighborhood Association since 1998. Henagan was also instrumental acting as a private citizen in the creation of the city’s Land Development Code, Future Land Use Plan, four corridor plans, the Seagate Neighborhood Plan, the Southside Small Area Plan, the Vision 2020 Plan update and the modified Central Business District regulations. He also served on the steering committee for the Cape Fear Historic Byway plan.

Watch a video of the ceremony.

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