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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Traffic signal upgrade

Traffic CenterThe city has completed work on its $10 million traffic signal upgrade project. Beginning in September 2009, traffic signals at more than 200 intersections in the city and parts of New Hanover County have been upgraded to help improve traffic flow.

According to the recent Citizen Survey, traffic management was one of the top three areas residents would like the city to improve. Upgrading the outdated signal system was the first step in this process.

The project finished almost 20% under budget, costing approximately $8 million to complete. It also finished eight months ahead of schedule. It was funded jointly by the city and the state DOT, including $3 million in funding from the 2006 Transportation Bond. 

The upgrade allows for better timing and coordination of signals, resulting in better traffic flow. The new system also helps reduce traffic congestion by better managing traffic on overcrowded roads. In addition, it will allow for more flexibility in case of accidents, emergencies or necessary detours.

Along with new traffic signals, a control room has been installed which gives traffic engineers the ability to monitor traffic at any of the 30 cameras located at intersections throughout the city and make adjustments as needed.

Check local traffic now from one of the city's traffic cameras.

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