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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Taxi stand update

Based on the success of a recently completed pilot program, the city will install pavement markings in the first block of South Front Street beginning Tuesday, Nov. 13, weather permitting. To minimize disruptions, the work will be done over several days from 7-10 a.m. each day.

In September, the city installed pavement markings indicating “Taxi Only After Midnight” to parking spaces in the 100 block of North Front Street (between Market and Princess Streets). The goal of the project was to keep drivers from parking in designated parking spaces that are reserved for taxis after midnight when they are most needed as bars close.

There are several indications the experiment has worked:
  • Since the markings were installed, tickets issued in the designated parking spaces along the 100 block of North Front Street have decreased by more than 75%, while there was no decrease in the parking spaces that were not marked.
  • Feedback to the city from taxi companies indicate that the new markings are working.
  • Area merchants commented that customers are parking in the spaces as usual during normal business hours.
  • The Wilmington Police Department reports that protection of the taxi stand spaces has improved police surveillance of activities in the affected area. The clearance of bar patrons from the street after bar closings has also improved.

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