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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Watch the heat!



    City crews get the job done no matter how hot it gets.
Despite temperatures in the 90s and a rising heat index, the city's parks & landscape, stormwater, streets, solid waste and public safety personnel are still out doing their jobs. City workers that have to work outdoors all receive training on recognizing and treating heat exhaustion. Many city workers must work outside no matter what the weather is like.

Parks & Landscaping
The city currently has more than 140 miles of public alleys, streets and rights-of-way, 65 parks, greenways and athletic facilities totaling 778 acres and more than 10 miles of the Gary Shell Cross-City Trail to mow, maintain and keep beautiful no matter how hot it gets outside. The city is also responsible for maintaining trees in these areas and removing diseased or damaged trees.

Streets & Sidewalks
Streets crews currently maintain more than 400 miles of roadways and more than 400 miles of sidewalks throughout the city. Workers still must pave, patch cracks and potholes, and repair and install sidewalks in the heat. Last year, crews repaired more than 4,600 potholes.

Solid Waste
City trash workers currently pick up trash, recycling, yard waste and bulky items for approximately 30,000 customers regardless of the weather. City solid waste crews cover more than 50 square miles each week. The only holidays crews do not work are Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Stormwater crews clear storm ditches, operate street sweepers and inspect retention ponds on a regular basis. Their jobs become especially important during hurricane season. Last year, crews cleaned 54 miles of ditches and swept almost 10,500 miles of streets collecting 3,015 tons of debris.

These workers were all trained to recognize the critical signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke and take steps to prevent it. Would you know what to do? 

Do you know how to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion in your friends, family or pets? Click on the links below for more information.




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