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Saturday, July 23, 2016
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Wilmington goes green

The city's streetsweeper facility solar panels produce as much energy as the building uses. Total initial investment was $80,000, but energy costs dropped from $10-$12,000 per year to less than $1,000 per year - more than a 90% decrease. 
      The city has made a lot of progress over the past 20-25 years in making our area green. These efforts result in cost savings while protecting our environment. Following are just a few examples:


  • Curbside recycling program starts
  • City traffic division begins converting traffic signals to LED lighting


  • Solar aerator installed in Greenfield Lake as part of lake management plan
  • Mayor signs the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
  • City begins an LED street light pilot project
  • City awarded Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant:
    • Solar panels installed on fleet and engineering buildings
    • Reflective "cool roof" installed at City Hall
    • Lighting upgrades and low flow plumbing fixtures installed
    • Solar area light installed in parking area of municipal building
  • Council adopts a resolution setting a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations by 58% by 2050
  • Street sweeper complex built with solar panels
  • Trash routes adjusted, optimizing fuel and time efficiency


  • Convention Center built to LEED standards
  • City begins using ultra low sulfur diesel and E10 fuels
  • City awarded a Local Energy Assurance Planning grant
  • City installs electric vehicle charging stations at Market St. parking deck
  • WPD begins using solar-powered boat lift
  • LED street lights installed as part of the N. 3rd Street Improvement project
  • Big Blue recycling program begins, increasing number of recycling customers and amount of materials recycled

The city's Sustainability Manager gave a presentation to City Council at their July 9 meeting.

 View the presentation.

 Read the presentation.

Want to know how much energy the solar panels produce at the street sweeper garage? Click here to find out!

In the winter, large white fans installed in the city's fleet building blow heat trapped in the ceiling down to warm the workers. 
Some of the environmentally-friendly aspects of the Wilmington Convention Center include
  • Innovative underground systems that uses sand to filter stormwater runoff
  • White roof that reflects the sun and reduces heat gain
  • Water efficient landscaping
  • Special glass that limits thermal loss
  • Plumbing fixtures that use about half the amount of water of traditional fixtures 
  • Efficient lighting and HVAC systems


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