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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Rain gardens help stormwater runoff

Stormwater made recent improvements in the Burnt Mill Creek area that are helping reduce stormwater pollution and flooding during heavy rainfall. The City of Wilmington and NC State University have a federal grant to make improvements to help curb polluted stormwater runoff flowing into Burnt Mill Creek. These improvements include recent installations of pavement that allows stormwater to drain through it and rain gardens that help to:
  • reduce stormwater runoff pollution
  • reduce street flooding
  • improve aesthetics
  • improve water quality in Burnt Mill Creek

The special permeable pavement allows stormwater runoff (the rainwater that flows off streets, driveways, and roofs) to soak into the ground, which naturally filters out pollutants and helps reduce street flooding. A permeable pavement parking area has been constructed on Church Street near the intersection of 19th Street.

Rain gardens are designed with a shallow depression to allow polluted stormwater to be filtered, cleaned, and absorbed by vegetation and soil. A rain garden has been installed on Ann Street near the intersection of 9th Street.

In addition, permeable parking and rain gardens have also been installed on 12th Street between Dock and Orange streets. All of these improvements are located in the Burnt Mill Creek Watershed, which has poor water quality according to the 2012 Stormwater Quality Report.

Read more about the construction of the Ann St. Rain Garden.

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