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Monday, June 27, 2016
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Riverwalk gets a facelift


Wilmington's #1 tourist attraction - the Riverwalk - is receiving a facelift. The first section of the Riverwalk was built near Riverfront park in the late 70s/early 80s with the vision to extend the Riverwalk from bridge to bridge.

The city is now working to maintain existing sections, improve adjacent areas such as Riverfront Park and continue extending the Riverwalk to the north. Much of the work that had been put on hold during the economic downturn is now funded through the city’s 5-year infrastructure improvement plan.

Starting at the south end of the Riverwalk and working northward, below is a list of projects that are either currently underway or will begin later this year.

Muters Alley, Ann/Orange Street access repairs
Work to replace an old concrete retaining wall with a new steel bulkhead at Muters Alley will begin in August and be completed this fall. Also, in late summer or early fall, work to stabilize the retaining walls at the Riverwalk access points of Orange Street Landing and the foot of Ann Street will occur.

New Riverwalk behind Brooks Building
This section of Riverwalk must be demolished and replaced with a freestanding section of Riverwalk that will be supported by wooden piles. This $1.76 million project will get underway later this year and take approximately 14 months to complete.

Market Street support beams
This project, which began in April, involves replacing or repairing 58 steel support beams under the Riverwalk at the foot of Market Street. The project is expected to be complete in August.

US Coast Guard bulkhead
A portion of Riverfront Park is owned by the US Coast Guard. A section of the Coast Guard Riverwalk bulkhead in front of the Federal Courthouse is in need of repair. The Coast Guard will coordinate necessary repairs with the city’s planned improvements to Riverfront Park next year. When this work gets underway, it will involve the closure of the Riverwalk and Water Street in front of the Federal Courthouse.

Construction of northern Riverwalk sections
The construction of a significant stretch of Riverwalk just north of the Convention Center is underway and should be complete in September. This portion will run alongside the privately-owned marina planned for this area. Once this section is complete, two final sections will get underway that will connect with the existing Riverwalk, providing a continuous 1.75 mile Riverwalk from Chandler’s Wharf to the Isabel Holmes Bridge.

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