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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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5-Year Plan street improvements update

Rose Ave Street Paving      

Paving and stormwater improvements in the College Acres area has wrapped up with the completion of paving on Rose Avenue. Several miles of roadway have been paved in the $1.2 million project that began on July 29. It was the first major roadway contract in the city’s 5-Year Infrastructure Improvement Plan. The area also received some drainage improvements. Streets paved include:

  • Park Avenue between Hawthorne Drive and Hinton Avenue
  • 52nd Street between Oleander and Hawthorne drives
  • Oriole Drive between Racine and Cardinal drives
  • Clear Run Drive between College Acres and Cardinal drives
  • Mallard Street between Rill Road and Widgeon Drive
  • Rose Avenue between Riegel and Hooker roads

In addition, three other streets have recently been repaved as part of the 5-year plan. Greenville Sound was completed last month. A section of Barksdale Road was repaved last week and repaving of Longstreet was completed this week.

City streets crews are coordinating with city stormwater crews in the Pine Valley area as improvements to this neighborhood are ongoing. The city coordinated repaving work on Barksdale Road with stormwater and water/sewer improvements, which began in June, to minimize traffic disruptions. Barksdale was repaved and received new curbing. More information about the 5-year plan is available at

Bagley Avenue zipping


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