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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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Art Classes for Kids!

Ages: 6-11   Cost: $10/class
Halyburton Park (4099 S. 17th Street, Wilmington)
Pre-registration required. To register, call 341-0075.

picture of drawing pencils and eraser      
Intro to Drawing
Sat 9/7/13   1:30-3 p.m.

Get up close to nature as we learn the basics of drawing. Discover your artistic talents by producing fabulous drawings to hang on your favorite wall. Each student will need a drawing pad, two #2 pencils, and a drawing eraser.
picture of watercolor easel      
Intro to Painting
Sat 9/14   1:30 ‐ 3 p.m.

Dive into the world of nature as we learn the basics of painting using water color. We will take a hike in search of that perfect place to paint and observe wildlife. Each student will need to bring a kit of water colors in tubes, paint brushes (fine point, small, medium, and large), a watercolor pad, two #2 pencils and a drawing eraser.
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