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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Wilmington of the Future


The city held a second public input meeting to discuss Wilmington’s plan for long-term growth on Sept. 24.

Approximately 50 citizens heard some surprising statistics about approaching demographic and socioeconomic changes and were asked for input about how the city should deal with those changes. The statistics are included in an in-depth report prepared by the City of Wilmington as part of development of the plan. 

 Read the report 

 Watch a video of the presentation about the report’s key points

Key statistics
  • Wilmington will grow by more than 50,000 people over the next 25 years from 109,000 to 166,000 in 2040.
  • There are only 3,700 acres of buildable land left inside the city limits of Wilmington. 
  • Generation Y and Millennials make up the greatest concentration of Wilmington residents, followed closely by baby boomers.

This is one of several meetings being held by the city to get citizen input for the development of a long-term plan that will serve as a policy foundation to proactively manage the city’s growth and development.

Neighborhood meetings will start next month. To see dates and locations of upcoming meetings, visit

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