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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Join the conversation

City residents are sharing their ideas about what they would like to see in the Wilmington of the future on the city’s citizen input website, The site allows citizens to submit ideas, pictures and videos; respond to questions; review, comment and vote on others’ ideas; and take surveys.

Since October, approximately 1,300 people have visited the site. Area residents have shared almost 200 ideas or photographs and 125 comments. Many more have rated others’ ideas.

Among the most popular ideas:

  • Rail service to Raleigh (50 points)
  • Pedestrian footbridges over South College Road (47 points)
  • Handle the "no brainers" first (bike paths, road markings, etc) (46 points)
  • Community gardens (46 points)
  • Become more pedestrian and bike friendly (45 points)

The ideas will be used to help develop the city’s long-term grown and development plan.

To join the conversation, sign up at here with an email or Facebook account.
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