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Monday, June 27, 2016
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Traffic Signal Timing - Continuous Improvement

traffic signal room    

Over the last four months, Traffic Engineering staff has adjusted the timing of traffic signals at about 50 intersections in the city. The city’s traffic control center uses 35 monitoring cameras and other data to continuously track and adjust the efficiency of the city’s 212 traffic signals.

Recent signal system adjustments have included:

  • Retail Areas. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, staff monitors and makes real time changes to signals in retail areas to mitigate traffic congestion associated with holiday shopping. This holiday timing plan is an annual effort.
  • Market Street. Timing changes have been made to 20 intersections from Covil/Montgomery Ave. through Bayshore Dr./Torchwood Blvd. While peak hour flows had previously been optimized, midday flows are now greatly improved through the use of flashing yellow arrows.
  • Carolina Beach Road. Timing changes have been made to 22 intersections from Halyburton Parkway to Burnett Blvd./Front St. Travel times have been reduced for both commuters on this route as well as freight traffic to and from the State Ports.
  • Eastwood Road. Timing changes have been made to 7 intersections from Racine through Wrightsville Ave./Canal St. Recent pedestrian improvements at the Eastwood Road/Military Cutoff intersection required adjustments to this corridor. 

For more information, visit the Traffic & Transportation page.
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