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Sunday, June 26, 2016
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Targeting neighborhood speeding

The City of Wilmington is introducing a new initiative in the next few weeks to help address the issue of speeding in residential neighborhoods. City Council saw a presentation on the new program at their agenda briefing on Jan. 6.

 View the presentation

New technology allows the Police Department to better target when and where speeding occurs without having to place officers in locations for hours at a time. These new tools and a 6-step strategy will help the city change driver behavior in area neighborhoods:

  1. Collect neighborhood speeding data
    A small radar attached to a pole or sign will monitor and record traffic data. The device cannot take pictures or videos, but can only record the speed, time and date of each passing vehicle.

  2. Letter to residents
    Residents will receive a letter reporting data collected in their neighborhood from the radar such as traffic volume, percentage of traffic 1-9 mph over the speed limit and percentage of traffic 10+ mph over the speed limit.

     View a sample letter

  3. Analyze data & target enforcement
    Using the data collected, police officers will target enforcement during the peak speeding times.

  4. Use of "speed minder" signs
    Speed minder signs like the one pictured will be posted temporarily to remind drivers about the area speed limit. 

  5. Follow-up
    After increasing speed limit awareness in the neighborhood, a second speed study will be conducted to determine the program's effectiveness.

  6. Report results to residents
    Approximately 3 months after the study is complete, all data and results of the study will be posted on the city's website. Steps for further action, if warranted, will also be available.

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