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Friday, July 1, 2016
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Prescribed burn at Halyburton - CANCELLED

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A prescribed burn scheduled to take place on Thursday, Mar. 13 at Halyburton Park HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Between 7-15 acres of the park were expected to be burned. The area that was to be burned is the far right, dark brown shaded area in the map to the left. (Click on map to enlarge.) 

Prescribed burns are planned fires that burn undergrowth in a controlled manner to minimize the risk of wild fires. While removing undergrowth, the prescribed burn will make it easier for native plant species such as the Long Leaf Pine and Wiregrass to grow and also improve the habitat in the park for wildlife. Prescribed fires generally take place at certain times of the year in specific weather conditions. 

This would have been the fourth prescribed burn at Halyburton. Prescribed burns were previously held in 2009, 2010 and 2013. The burn will be conducted by the NC Forest Service (NCFS) and the Wilmington Fire Department (WFD). Personnel from NCFS and the WFD will be on site at all times.  

NOTE: At this point the prescribed burn will not be rescheduled.

For more information, contact Halyburton Park staff at 341-0075 or visit the prescribed burn 2014 web page.


Photograph from 2009 prescribed burn at Halyburton Park       
Photograph from 2009 prescribed burn at Halyburton Park       
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