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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Audubon-Devon Park neighborhood meeting


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    Audubon-Devon Park ages
 More than half of the residents in the Audubon-Devon Park area are less than 30 years old.


About 40 residents from the Audubon-Devon Park community attended the neighborhood planning area meeting at St. John's Church on March 20.

Residents shared what they love about their neighborhoods, what they’d like to change, and their big ideas for the future of the area. Participants also received information about the area’s demographic and socioeconomic standings, including pending changes that will impact their neighborhoods. 

For example, although more than half of the population in the Audubon-Devon Park area is currently under 30 years old, the 65+ population is expected to grow by 83 percent in just the next four years.

Residents liked the nature and greenery in the area, the single family character of the neighborhoods and zoning. They would like to more code enforcement in the area, more wider sidewalks and no more multi-family development.

In the future, they would like to see utilities moved underground, reduced traffic and traffic calming measures, as well as improvements to the Kerr Avenue/College Road intersection. 

The next neighborhood input meeting will be held for the Historic Downtown-Old Wilmington area on Thursday, April 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Arts Center, located at 120 S. 2nd Street.

Following the completion of the neighborhoods meeting series, a city-wide meeting will be held on Saturday, May 10 at the Northeast Regional Library. Citizens are invited to drop in anytime between 10 a.m. and noon to see the results of the neighborhood meetings and learn about the next steps.

Want to participate?
The city’s citizen engagement website,, is getting a lot of traffic. Citizens are sharing input on topics ranging from redevelopment to sidewalks to economic development.

See past meeting summaries and learn more about the city’s long-term growth plan at


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