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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Neighborhood traffic program targets speeders

The Long Leaf Hills neighborhood is currently taking part in the City of Wilmington’s new neighborhood traffic management program. The city started the program this summer to help address speeding in residential neighborhoods.

The city is implementing a multi-step process to address speeding, starting with identifying problem areas, followed by enforcement and education. Long Leaf Hills was one of the first neighborhoods where data was collected through speed reader radar that recorded the speed, time and date of each passing vehicle for a set period of time. The radar device does not take pictures or video. The data collected was used to identify when drivers are most likely to speed so that Wilmington Police Department officers could be deployed during targeted times.
Data collected this summer found that speeding is a significant problem in the Long Leaf Hills area, with 61 percent of drivers going over the speed limit and 1/3 of them going more than 10 miles over the speed limit. Information about the program, including findings from the data, were mailed to neighborhood residents.
WPD issued more than 100 tickets to speeders in the Long Leaf Hills neighborhood in just four days in February. The city has since installed temporary “speed minder” signs in the area to heighten awareness and will deploy the speed reader radar again in a few weeks to gauge whether the program has been effective.

Get more information about the program

View the Long Leaf Hills data report

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