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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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City works with lawmakers

The NC General Assembly began its short session on May 15, and the City of Wilmington is seeking opportunities to support initiatives that foster growth, in line with the legislative agenda approved by City Council. As such, Wilmington's legislative agenda is focused on broad areas, but also provides the ability to support objectives that may yield similar outcomes in partnership with others.

In order to maintain and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Wilmington, the Wilmington City Council is committed to working in partnership with their colleagues in other governmental entities. The NC General Assembly plays an essential role in helping the City improve the quality of life for our citizens and encourage investment in the region.

The Wilmington City Council commits to productive problem-solving and collaboration with our State legislative partners for the benefit of our shared constituency - the citizens of Wilmington.

Below are highlights of the city's legislative agenda. Click here to view the entire agenda

Remove sunset for Film Tax Credit and maintain current incentive level

  • Remove sunset date 
  • Maintain current incentive level 
  • Film industry is responsible for 4,000+ jobs with an average wage of $66,000 in NC, according to studies 

Oppose measures aimed at reducing cities' ability to levy Privilege License Tax 

  • Oppose changes to Privilege (Business) License Tax 
  • These licenses account for $2.16 million in revenue for city 
  • Proposal to cap licenses at $100 would result in loss of $1.8 million in revenue for city 

Remove sunset for State Historic Preservation Tax Credits and maintain current form State Historic Preservation Tax Credits 

  • $46 million(+) in commercial and residential historic rehabilitation projects have been completed in Wilmington using preservation tax credits 

Support Property Insurance Rate Reform Bill 

  • Seeks to reform rate-making process through increased transparency in catastrophe modeling process 
  • Establishes two-tiered rate system 
  • Current system places significant financial burden on coastal property owners 

Strengthen penalties for violations of Concealed Carry Weapon and Felons in Possession of Firearms Laws 

  • Would provide judges with ability to levy increased penalties for violations involving firearms 

Support prioritization of, and funding for, Wilmington area transportation projects

  • Support prioritization and adequate funding for local transportation projects, especially those important to Wilmington

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