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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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City Council meeting, Aug. 19

Items of interest on the agenda included:

  • Planning for Riverwalk improvements behind the Brooks building: CONTINUED TO SEPT. 16 COUNCIL MEETING. The section of Riverwalk next to the historic Brooks building is currently supported by a concrete platform which is deteriorating. The platform, which abuts the Brooks Building property, will be demolished and a new, free-standing section of Riverwalk will be constructed. On Tuesday, Council will vote on an agreement that would compensate the unit owners’ association $60,000 for the demolition of the platform and the construction of the new Riverwalk, which would be supported by timber pilings. 
  • Proposed NC DOT bike/pedestrian projects: APPROVED. Under the state’s new formula to prioritize transportation projects, all projects compete for the same funding and local governments must now provide a 20 percent match for bicycle and pedestrian projects, with the federal government covering the other 80%. On Tuesday, Council will commit to funding the city's 20% match for the following projects, should they be selected for funding by the NC DOT.
    • S. 17th Street multi-use path
    • Pine Grove bicycle lanes
    • Carolina Beach Rd multi-use path 
    • Wooster St. sidewalk 
    • Peachtree Ave. bicycle lanes 
    • Independence Blvd. multi-use path 
    • Masonboro Loop multi-use path 
    • N. 23rd St. bicycle lanes
  • Water Street Deck: APPROVED. In May, Council directed city partner DFI (The UNC School of Govt.'s Development Finance Initiative) to create a Request for Proposals from potential developers of the Water Street parking facility. If approved, this resolution would ask DFI to begin soliciting potential developers for the site. DFI would evaluate all proposals and make a recommendation to City staff, who would also perform an evaluation before making a final recommendation to City Council.
    The solicitation calls for:
    • A mixed use project that would consist of approximately 600-650 parking spaces in an above-ground deck, 175-225 residential units, and 18,000-22,000 square feet of retail space; 
    • Reopen Chestnut Street and connecting to Bijou Park; 
    • Adhering to existing city height restrictions, with some flexibility available to reward high-quality design
  • Resolution authorizing WDI to study potential MSD: APPROVED. An agreement with Wilmington Downtown Inc. (WDI) for WDI to review the potential establishment of a municipal service district (MSD) in downtown Wilmington. The city will pay WDI $30,000 (already allocated in this year’s budget) to conduct a thorough evaluation and make a recommendation to the city as to how to proceed regarding a MSD by May 1, 2015. MSD’s are used in central business districts throughout the country to provide increased levels of service for the unique needs of the downtown core. WDI will evaluate what increased levels of service, if any, would be best suited for downtown Wilmington and how exactly they would be implemented.

     Watch a video presentation on Municipal Service Districts

 Watch the meeting.

The next Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 2. The agenda for the next meeting will be posted on the city's website on Friday, August 29.

Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, which is located on the second floor of City Hall at 102 North 3rd Street. Parking is available in the Thalian Hall parking lot or in the city parking deck located directly across from City Hall.

Meetings are also broadcast on GTV8 (Time Warner Cable channel 8) or simulcast by visiting the GTV8 web page. Following the meeting, videos are available on demand on the city's video archive web page.

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