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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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City Council Meeting, May 3
Items of interest on the agenda for the May 3 City Council Meeting include: presentation of the recommended budget for fiscal year 16-17, updating the Land Development code to reflect the official May 1 adoption of the Comprehensive Plan and more. [Read more...]
City Council Meeting, April 19
All the latest on the April 19 Wilmington City Council meeting! [Read more...]
Lighting Kenan Fountain

City Council is considering options for improving the lighting of Kenan Fountain, which resides in the intersection of 5th Avenue and Market Street.

[Read more...]
Riverwalk and Riverfront Improvements
Extensive work is underway to improve the riverwalk and riverfront in downtown Wilmington. Much of the work is being funded by the city's 5 year Improvement Plan. [Read more...]
        A small portion of the Riverwa... [Read more...]
external: Services/Engineering/Capital Projects/Front Street Project/weekly updates/2010-06-11 F... [Read more...]
external: Services/Engineering/Capital Projects/Front Street Project/weekly updates/2010-06-18 F... [Read more...]
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