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Monday, March 30, 2015

Land Development Code
The Land Development Code (LDC) regulates how land may be developed within the City of Wilmington. The LDC controls zoning, subdivision of land, landscaping, signs, parking and other aspects of development.

The official version of the City of Wilmington’s Land Development Code is maintained by the City Clerk. The Land Development Code is found in Chapter 18 of the City Code. The following link will take you to the city's code of ordinances located on the municode website.  

View the full City of Wilmington Code of Ordinances online.

Land Development Code Amendments

Recent Amendments

August 2013

LDC-10-513 - Food Trucks

June 2013

LDC-9-513 - Conservation Setback Table

May 2013

LDC-7-513 - Code Amendment Cycle

March 2013

LDC-6-313 - MX Signage

December 2012

LDC-5-1212 - Urban Mixed-use District

LDC-2-1012 - Cluster Subdivision Tree Removal Standards

November 2012

LDC-3-1012 - CBD Signage

LDC-4-1012 - Land Development Code Maintenance

August 2012

LDC-11-512 - Religious Institutions, Trade Schools, Recreation Services in LI

LDC-8-512 - Accessory Apartments

June 2012

LDC-13-512 - Extension or Enlargement of Nonconforming Situations

April 2012

LDC-10-412 - Window Signs

October 2011  

LDC-4-911 - Demolition by Neglect Outside Historic Districts 

LDC-2-1011 - Spas and Health Clubs in the Light Industrial District

August 2011

LDC-9-511 - Communication Facilities

LDC-1-711 - Off-Street Parking for Religious Institutions

May 2011

LDC-7-111 - Historic Preservation Ordinance

LDC-11-511 - Title of Oleander Transition District

LDC-12-511 - Conservation Resource Regulations

February 2011

LDC-6-111 - Fence Height

December 2010

LDC-5-1010 - Land Development Code Maintenance

October 2010

LDC-1-810 - Oleander Transition District

LDC-6-1009 - Care Facilites

July 2010

LDC-12-510 - Electronic Gaming

June 2010

LDC-7-510 - Changes in nonconforming uses

LDC-8-510 - Street naming

LDC-9-510 - Commercial parking definition

November '09

LDC-2-1009 - Construction trailers in residential districts

September '09

LDC-1-809 - Stormwater ordinance update

July '09

LDC-7-509 - Minimum lot size in R-3, Central City Residential District

June '09

LDC-8-509 - Streetyards within 1945 corporate limits

January '09

LDC-5-1208 - Concept plan with development agreement

LDC-6-1208 - Cluster subdivisions in R-7, Residential District

November '08

LDC-1-1008 - BOA procedures

September '08

LDC-6-508 - Outdoor advertising (billboards)

August '08

LDC-10-508 - Stormwater payment-in-lieu

LDC-11-508 - Central Business District update

July '08

LDC-7-508 - Commercial vehicles in residential districts

LDC-9-508 - CFPUA Amendments

June '08

LDC-8-508 - MX residential phasing requirements 

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