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Monday, July 25, 2016

Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown

 Cover of Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown plan

Plan Background

The Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown plan is a plan for the future of downtown Wilmington that balances the preservation of community character and natural resources with economic development. The Plan envisions the development of a living, working, learning community from “bridge to bridge".  It encourages a mixed-use environment of commercial, institutional and residential uses which characterize a vibrant downtown. The key strategies of the existing Plan focus on several different areas of downtown, but there are several overall objectives. These include:

  • Preservation of historic and natural resources
  • Guidance for new development
  • Promotion of residential development
  • Provision of sufficient parking
  • Promotion of public spaces for civic and leisure activities
  • Extension of the Riverwalk between the Holmes and Memorial Bridges
  • Support for relocation of major industrial and shipping uses


Vision 2020 Main Points

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