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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown

 Cover of Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown plan

Plan Background

The Wilmington Vision 2020: A Waterfront Downtown plan is a plan for the future of downtown Wilmington that balances the preservation of community character and natural resources with economic development. The Plan envisions the development of a living, working, learning community from “bridge to bridge".  It encourages a mixed-use environment of commercial, institutional and residential uses which characterize a vibrant downtown. The key strategies of the existing Plan focus on several different areas of downtown, but there are several overall objectives. These include:

  • Preservation of historic and natural resources
  • Guidance for new development
  • Promotion of residential development
  • Provision of sufficient parking
  • Promotion of public spaces for civic and leisure activities
  • Extension of the Riverwalk between the Holmes and Memorial Bridges
  • Support for relocation of major industrial and shipping uses


Vision 2020 Main Points

Vision 2020 Committee Members

Chris Boney


Donna Ray Mitchell


Sterling Cheatham


Kevin O'Grady


Kaye Graybeal


Laura Padgett


John Hinnant




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