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Saturday, February 6, 2016
Traffic Management Center

Traffic Management Center staff monitor the individual traffic signals via computers and video cameras, analyze major traffic arterial routes, troubleshoot system problems, conduct signal warrant analysis, and develop and modify signal timing plans.

265 Operations Center Drive
Phone: 910.341.7888
Fax: 910.342.2748

Signal Requests or Changes

Contact Denys Vielkanowitz at 910.341.4676 or by email

Malfunctioning Signals
Call 911
Traffic Monitor Cameras

Staff are able to monitor real-time traffic conditions by utilizing video cameras.  A still photo, updated at 2-minute intervals, is available from each camera location.

Click here to see where these cameras are located.

Call 811 Before You Dig ! ! !

It may be surprising, but damage to buried utility lines can occur when doing typical home improvement projects such as putting up a fence, mailbox post, swing set or clothes line pole or planting a tree and shrubbery. If you are beginning a project that requires digging or adjusting the grade of your property, please contact the NC One-Call Center before digging.

Ever wonder what the colors spray painted on grass, sidewalks or roads indicate? Click here to view NC One-Call Center color chart.

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