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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Zoning changes within the city limits may be initiated by City Council or by an interested party by petition. A public hearing with the Planning Commission is required for all zoning changes. The Planning Commission will then make a recommendation to the City Council for another public hearing and a final decision. 

The City of Wilmington Planning Division typically processes two types of rezonings: 

Conventional Rezoning
Changing a district from one type to another.

Conditional Zoning
In a conditional zoning district, the development and use of the property is subject to the rules, regulations and conditions of a predetermined ordinance.

Particular uses are established only in accordance with specific standards and conditions of each individual development project. Some land uses have significant impacts on the immediate surrounding area as well as the entire community which cannot be predetermined and controlled by general district standards. There are also circumstances in which a general district designation allowing such a use would not be appropriate for a particular property.


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