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Monday, June 27, 2016

Domestic Violence Information

Domestic Violence

The Wilmington Police Department is very concerned with the issue of Domestic Violence and has implemented the following procedures to help:

  • WPD has assigned two investigators to investigate these crimes so that the offenders are successfully prosecuted. 
  • One of our investigators works within the District Attorney’s Office and one works at Police Headquarters. 
  • These two investigators follow-up on all domestic violence incidents reported to the Wilmington Police Department. 
  • They review all cases that uniformed patrol officers have responded to, as well as investigating domestic violence issues that were not previously reported to police. 
  • You should always call 911 when there is an emergency.
  • If you are/were a victim of domestic violence, and would like to speak with one of our domestic violence investigators about your situation, whether you reported the incident or not, please contact the appropriate investigators on the right-side of your screen

Important Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

Detective K. Smith - 910-772-6944

Another resource for Domestic Violence Victims is the Domestic Violence Shelter, and they can be reached at (910)343-0703. 

If an emergency --- please call 911.

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