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Friday, February 12, 2016

Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit is a part of the Office of the Chief. The primary function of this unit is to collect information regarding criminal intelligence and then analyze the information. The information is then disseminated throughout the organization. The information gathered by the Intelligence Unit includes, but is not limited to, illegal narcotics activity, gang activity, burglary and thefts, and other criminal enterprises. This unit interacts with both regional and federal law enforcement agencies to maximize both the gathering of criminal intelligence and enforcement actions.

The Intelligence Unit is also responsible for crime mapping and predictions, which is an integral part of intelligence lead and geographic policing. Information prepared for crime mapping is utilized for monthly intelligence briefings, which follows the Comstat model commonly used throughout law enforcement.

The Intelligence Unit consists of a one corporal, a sworn investigator, and a police planner. The police planner performs the functions of an analyst, mapping and predicting trends in criminal activity. Also assigned to this unit is a grants manager, whose function is to seek and obtain sources of revenue from both State and Federal grant sources. The Intelligence Unit also has an investigator assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a task force member for anti- terrorism.



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