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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Northwest Patrol Division District 4

There are currently 19 uniformed patrol officers in district 3 and 14 uniformed patrol officers in district 4 that are assigned to provide police services in their geographic area. The officers are divided among four shifts in each district to attempt to maintain a minimum staffing level of three officers in each area throughout a 24 hour period. These officers respond to 911 calls for service, citizen complaints, and provide general preventive patrols of the area. The division attempts to assign officers to a district assignment for a period of one year. This one year assignment is designed to allow the officer to establish working relationships with community stakeholders and leaders.     

Neighborhood Information
There are numerous neighborhood watch groups that actively meet to discuss issues and concerns including crime prevention, neighborhood safety and community involvement. Feel free to contact the District Lieutenant to inquire about joining an existing group or forming a neighborhood watch group in your area.

Geographic area 

District 3


District 4


District Lieutenant

District Lieutenant
Darrell Lanier
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