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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CALEA Manager (CM) is responsible for the compliance and maintenance of the accreditation files for each year of the three year accreditation cycle.  Additionally, the CM advises on policies and procedures as they relate to the accreditation standards.  The CM helps research the best practices for the agency as related to accreditation by being a member of NCLEAN (North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Network) and networking with other accredited agencies.  At the end of the three year cycle, the CM leads the agencies re-accreditation efforts by finalizing files for review by the CALEA assessors who come to the agency for a four day time period to verify the agencies compliance with the accreditation standards.  After the assessment the CM along with the Chief represent the agency at the CALEA Conference to answer questions about the agency and to receive the CALEA award for the cycle. 


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