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Chapter 7 - Traffic Engineering
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Street Section Type "A" & "D" 1-01View 
Street Section Standard 1-02View 
Street Section Crown Data 1-03View 
Pavement Widening Guidelines 1-04View 
Minimum Street Width for Parking 1-06View 
Cul-de-sac - Local "A" & "B" Residential - Option 1 1-10View 
Pavement Markings - Line Types 11-01View 
Pavement Markings - Offsets 11-02View 
Pavement Markings - Arrow Symbols 11-03View 
Pavement Markings - Non-Signalized Intersections 11-04View 
Pavement Markings - Non-Signalized Intersections 11-05View 
Pavement Markings - Signalized Intersections 11-06View 
Cul-de-sac - Local "A" & "B" Residential w/ Island - Option 1 1-11View 
Cul-de-sac - Local "A" & "B" Residential - Option 2 1-12View 
Cul-de-sac - Local "A" & "B" Residential w/ Island - Option 2 1-13View 
60' x 20' T-Shaped Turnaround 1-13aView 
Alley & Private Access Easement Sections 1-14View 
Sign Installation Location w/ Sign Footing 15-03View 
Sign Installation Location 15-04View 
Barricade - Type III 15-07View 
Unpaved Parking Facility - Under 25 Stalls 15-10View 
Parking Facility - Paved or Unpaved - Under 25 Stalls 15-11View 
Parking Facility - Paved or Unpaved - Equal To or Greater Than 25 Stalls 15-12View 
Parking Facility - Design Notes 15-13View 
Landscape Notes 15-14View 
Driveway - Type "D" Curb 8-01View 
Driveway - Type "A" Curb & Gutter 8-02View 
Driveway - Slope Face Curb 8-03View 
Driveway - No Curb Residential 8-05View 
Driveway - Type "D" Curb - Plan View 8-06View 
General Driveway Notes 8-07View 
Standard Driveway with Right Turn Bay 8-18View 
Standard Driveway with Right Turn Bay - No Curb 8-19View 
Widening of Left Turn Lane 8-20View 
Standard One-Way Driveway 8-21View 
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