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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Capital Projects



This section provides engineering design and surveying services to the department for capital construction projects; provides drafting services on appropriate projects; and maintains Computer Aided Drafting Design System (CADD). Carl Farmer is the Capital Projects Manager. 910.341.7807.

What are Capital Projects?
Capital Projects are projects which include the installation, construction, repair or maintenance of the City's infrastructure and generally cost $100,000 or more. These include street and utility improvements, buildings (fire stations, offices, operation centers, etc.), drainage improvements, paving of dirt streets, resurfacing paved streets, sidewalk installation and more.

City surveying crews provide survey information to designers of capital projects, locate easements and rights-of-way and do construction staking for permits, other City departments, and/or contractors on Capital Projects. The City Surveyor is Pete Brennan, 910.341.0835.

In annexed areas of Wilmington, Engineering's Capital Projects Team is responsible for the installation of mains that will carry water to our new citizens. 

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