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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Front Street Project

The project is almost complete. Front street will be open for pedestrians for the July 4 weekend and will be open to vehicles on or about July 9.

Stores Open signWhat
$1.83 million joint project between the City of Wilmington and the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

Below the ground:

  • Replacement of aging water and sewer pipes (downtown pipe replacement rated as highest priority in citywide assessment)

Above the ground:

  • Renovation of streetscape - street paving and sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, street furnishings, lighting, traffic signals and plantings
  • Combine both projects to minimize disruption to business on Front Street


  • Replace aging water and sewer pipes – more than 100 years old in some cases
  • Make downtown more accessible and pedestrian-friendly so more visitors will come downtown and frequent downtown businesses

Map of Front Street work

North Front Street between Market Street and Chestnut Street


  • January – late July, 2010
    • Stage 1 – Market Street thru 00 block of North Front Street  (COMPLETE)
    • Stage 2 – Princess Street intersection thru 100 block (UNDERWAY)
    • Stage 3 – Chestnut Street intersection

New sidewalks will be installed in segments; each segment will be inaccessible for a few hours. The city will work with area businesses to schedule the installation at the most convenient time.

All roads will remain open throughout the project except for the one-block construction area on Front Street.

Front Street Project groundbreakingRoad closures during the project

  • Front Street will be closed one block at a time
  • One lane will remain open in the two intersections where construction is occurring

Pedestrian access

  • Sidewalks directly in front of buildings will remain open
  • Sidewalk work will only occur on Monday through Thursday

Work Hours

  • Generally 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Some night and weekend work will occur as feasible

For more information contact Bret Russell, Project Manager at 910.341.5890 or Dylan Lee, Project Liaison, at 910.341.4675.

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