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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Standards Information

The City of Wilmington maintains a set of standard details and specifications to be used in the construction of infrastructure improvements.  The materials, design and construction standards contained in the following web pages are established as the minimum standards for the City of Wilmington. On and after September 11, 1979, the standards and details contained herein shall be applicable to all new improvements and alterations in existing improvements lying within the regulatory jurisdiction of the City of Wilmington.


Variance or Modification
These specifications and standards have been compiled by the various technical agencies of the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County upon sufficient studies of the existing problems, improvement standards within other areas of the State, and applicable enabling legislation of the State, and have been determined to be reasonable improvement specifications and standards applicable to the City of Wilmington.  All construction methods and material not specified within these pages will conform with the current "North Carolina Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures".  All proposed variances to the standards and details contained herein shall be subject to provisions of Section 18-9 of the City Subdivision Regulations. Any alternate designs, construction methods, and materials, not specifically prescribed herein, shall be subject to Section 18-88 of the City Subdivision Regulations.

Technical Standards
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