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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stormwater Capital Projects

Stormwater capital projects are necessary when the existing stormwater drainage system is inadequate and can result in flooded streets and property. Stormwater capital projects also strive to improve water quality whenever possible. Stormwater utility fees provide funding and staff resources for planning, design and construction.

Stormwater capital projects are time-intensive and involve several major stages from start to finish:

  1. Design / Permitting
  2. Construction
  3. Completed


Stormwater Capital Projects Map

Click on map to enlarge.


Future Projects

Whispering Pines
Park/Hinton Ave.

Brenda Drive
Clear Run Branch
Lincoln Outfall
New McCumbers/Bottom Neighborhood
Rogersville Culvert Replacement
Wisteria Lane/Clearbrook

Under Construction
Completed Projects

Annexation Area Master Plan
Antelope Trail
Bethel Road (Wade) Wetland
Burnt Mill Creek 319 Grant 
Burnt Mill Creek Tidegate Repair
Cardinal Drive/George Trask
Cavalier Drive 
Cedar Avenue
CSX Culvert Installation
Doctor's Branch
Dupree Drive
Gillette Drive, Phase II
Greenfield Spillway Repair
Greenville Loop Bridge
Kerr Avenue Wetland
Heide Drive
Hunter's Trail
Long Leaf Creek Stabilization
Longstreet Drainage Project
Love Grove Tidegate Repair
Market Street Drainage Relief
Market Street/Inland Greens
Market Street/Northwoods
Marsdens Branch 
Mineral Springs
Pine Valley Drainage Project
Pine Valley Stream Restoration
Plaza East
Storm Drain Rehab/CIPP/CMP
Riley's Branch
Shinn Point Pipe Repair
Shipyard Pipe Repair
Wellington Culvert Repair
Wrightsville Culvert Replacement
Street Sweeper Facility

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