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Sunday, July 24, 2016


In Wilmington, stormwater runoff is channeled through a complex system of storm drains, pipes, ditches, ponds, culverts, creeks and wetlands which flow straight into our waterways. Stormwater Services field crews perform maintenance of the storm drainage system within the public right-of-way or in accepted easements.

Street Sweeping Crew

Sweep 412 miles of curbed City streets and 120 miles of North Carolina DOT streets, public parking lots and when required, non-curbed streets.

Private streets are the responsibility of the Homeowner's Association or Developer.




BMP Maintenance Crew

Maintain 40+ stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices) including constructed wetlands, bioretention areas, retention ponds, and stabilized stream banks.





Open Drainage Crew

Perform routine mowing, ditch cleaning and erosion control activities of drainage ditches, creeks, lakes and ponds, as well as sediment removal and control of nuisance aquatic weed growth.





Closed Drainage Crew

Perform inspection, maintenance, repair and construction of underground pipes, manholes, catch basins, junction boxes and headwalls, as well as deep excavations requiring the use of trench boxes.


Who To Call

To report a drainage, maintenance, or flooding issue

call 910.341.4646

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