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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Canines for Clean Water


Canines for Clean Water is a program that encourages citizens to be responsible pet owners to help protect our waterways, here's how:  

  1. Always pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste properly.
  2. Sign the Canines for Clean Water pledge at local pet events and receive a FREE dog bandana, treats and other goodies.
  3. Email us a photo of your pooch proudly wearing their bandana to post in our online photo gallery.  (Email jpeg photo to:

          Visit the Canines for Clean Water Photo Gallery.


Sign the Canines for Clean Water pledge at:

Stay tuned for upcoming Canines for Clean Water events!

It's your DOODY to clean up after Fido!
                                Click each poster above to learn more!

Don't Forget to Scoop the Poop Signs:  18x24" election-style signs can be downloaded and printed at your local print shop for use on private property. Granted by: City of Wilmington, NC

Canine Photo Gallery














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