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Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is a Stormwater BMP?

BMP, stands for Best Management Practice, which is an action or on-the-ground practice that reduces pollution in runoff and/or the amount of polluted runoff flowing into waterways.


BMPs are either structural (on the ground practices) or non-structural (actions). 

Structural BMPs include:

  • Rain Barrel (Monthly Sale Info)
  • Rain Garden
  • Shoreline Buffer
  • Native Plants
  • Backyard Wetland
  • Pervious Pavement


Non-structural BMPs include:

  • Picking up after your pet
  • Washing your car on the grass
  • Getting a soil test
  • Disposing of yard debris properly
  • Disposing of paint and chemicals at Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day


Learn more about BMPs

Visit the Stormwater Demonstration Site located in Anne McCrary Park on Randall Parkway to learn and view BMPs. See rain gardens, habitat gardens, buffers, pervious pavement, pet waste stations, native plants and more!

BMP Video

Citizen's Guide

City-installed BMPs

Stormwater Solutions - Financial Assistance Programs

Monthly Rain Barrel Sale 



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