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Monday, July 25, 2016

Stormwater News

Clear Run Branch - Streambank Stabilization


Stormwater Services is currently working to stabilize the stream bank of Clear Run Branch, beginning at College Acres Drive and running downstream for approximately 225 feet. Clear Run Branch is located in the College Acres neighborhood and drains to Bradley Creek. The stream is the drainage path for a large watershed with large amounts of built upon area which creates a large volume of stormwater runoff. This large volume of runoff and the high velocity of the water in the stream has caused severe erosion of the sides and bottom of the stream. The erosion has caused trees to fall into the stream and is threatening personal property of property owners that live along the stream. This stabilization is temporary until a larger, capital drainage project can be designed and constructed. Stabilization is being accomplished by placing large rocks (rip rap) along the stream banks.



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