New Hanover County/City of Wilmington Community Relations Advisory Committee

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This is a joint committee appointed by the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County to serve three (3)-year, staggered terms, of no more than two (2) full successive terms, unless there is a break of at least one (1) full term between appointments. Members represent the community sectors of civil rights, faith, business, and education. Membership also includes at-large representatives.

Twelve (12) members

  • Six (6) appointed by City Council
  • Six (6) appointed by New Hanover County Board of Commissioners
  • Two (2) ex-officio members of the County Sheriff and Chief of Police or their designees


The Committee was organized effective October 1, 2016 for the purpose of addressing community issues involving prejudice or discrimination on the bases of race, national origin, creed or religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.  The Committee informs the appointing authorities and other organizations of their findings; and makes recommendations, in an advisory capacity, to the appointing authorities and other organizations, as necessary.

Community-wide survey launched to assess perception of discrimination in housing, education, governmental services and economic development

New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington have partnered with the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Social Science Applied Research Center to conduct a survey of the community’s perception of discrimination. Survey participants will be asked about personal experiences of discrimination in housing, at work, school or accessing government services.

The survey is sponsored by the joint city/county Community Relations Advisory Committee (C-RAC) that was founded in 2016 to address issues involving prejudice or discrimination based on race, national origin, creed or religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability and medical condition. The group is charged with informing the Wilmington City Council and New Hanover County Commissioners of concerns from citizens of prejudice and discrimination and make recommendations to promote equal rights.

“We believe that a community-wide survey is necessary to understand people’s experiences and perceptions of discrimination at work, school or accessing governmental services so that we can address these barriers,” stated Evelyn Bryant, chair of the C-RAC. The committee is made up of 12 members from the civil rights, faith, business, education and at large communities. Since its founding, the committee has made numerous recommendations including Implicit Bias training for all city and county employees. 

“We strongly encourage all citizens to participate so that we can better address conditions that represent prejudice or discrimination and improve trust, respect and communications within our increasingly diverse community,” she added. 

The survey will run Oct. 18 through Nov. 17. The random phone survey will be conducted by UNCW research assistants beginning late October. Interested residents of New Hanover County can access the survey through the following link:

Click here to take the survey in English. 

Click here to take the survey in Spanish. 

Results of the survey will be announced in early January 2020. 


At a minimum, the Committee meets quarterly.


Time, day and place of meetings will be set each year by the Committee at their July meeting.

Current Members

 Appointed By:

 Term to Expire On:

 Kathy King City Council - Civil Rights Community   09/20/2020
 Charles Davis, Jr.  City Council - Faith Community  09/20/2020
 Jen Johnson  City Council - Business Community  09/20/2020
 Florence Warren  City Council - Education Community 09/20/2021
 Courtney Horton  City Council - At Large  09/20/2021
 Lori Wainwright  City Council - At Large  09/20/2022
 Evelyn Bryant, Chair  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - Civil Rights Community  09/30/2021
 Elise Rocks  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - Faith Community  09/30/2020
 Jeff Hovis  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - Business Community  09/30/2020
 Lewis Stroud  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - Education Community  09/30/2022
 Owen Wexler  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - At Large  09/30/2021
 Scott Whisnant  NHC Bd. of Commissioners - At Large  09/30/2022

Staff Liaison

 Suzanne Rogers, Community Development and Housing Planner, 910.341.5809