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Code enforcement has a responsibility to enforce city ordinances that provide a safe community and vibrant neighborhoods and promote a healthy and safe environment for citizens and visitors. In addition, we are responsible for increasing public understanding of the city's policies and procedures, through community events and participation, and various media outlets.

Please complete and submit one of these forms to make a complaint:

House violation
Complete this form to report a house or building that needs repairs and regular maintenance 

Yard maintenance

Complete this form to report a yard/lot that needs maintenance or graffiti that needs removal 

Junked vehicle
Complete this form to report an abandoned or junk vehicle that needs attention 

Frequently asked questions:

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are there rules for parking my Recreational Vehicle?

  • How is an abandoned vehicle determined?

  • What is the non-residential business code?

  • What is the minimum housing code?

  • Are homeless encampments allowed?

  • How does the City deal with graffiti?

  • Does the City allow street furniture on sidewalks?

  • Does the City allow sidewalk cafes?

  • Are newspaper racks allowed on public rights-of-way?

  • Can I keep livestock?

  • What are the rules on kennels?

  • Can I keep chickens and fowl?

  • When are weeds too high?

  • Is a car without current tags considered a junked vehicle?

  • Is a landlord required to repair the dwelling I am renting?

  • How many unrelated people may occupy a dwelling?

  • May I place signs for special events, such as 'yard sales' or 'lost pets' in the right of way or on utility poles?

  • How do I contact Code Enforcement to report a violation?

  • Who do I call for animal control?