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No permit shall be issued to keep or maintain poultry in the city unless the poultry will be on a lot of land maintained as follows:
A.  Poultry shall only be permitted in single family residential zoning districts;
B.  The lot shall consist of at least 15,000 square feet under single ownership or control;
C.  Such poultry must be contained in a secure fenced enclosure at all times;
D.  The enclosure shall have a minimum of 10 square feet of area for each poultry;
E.  No enclosure shall be erected or maintained within the front or side yard;
F.   No enclosure shall be within 10' of any property line or within 25' of another residence;
G.  The enclosure shall be kept clean, sanitary and free from accumulations of excrement and objectionable odor; and
H.  No more than 5 female chickens shall be kept/maintained by a property owner. There is no discounting for chicks.

Permit Regulations:

  • An issued permit may be revoked by the code enforcement office for any reason that would have justified a denial of the permit. If revoked, the applicant shall be given a written explanation of the reason(s)  for the revocation.
  • Upon the determination of a violation, the owner shall have 30 days in which to bring the property or condition into compliance or remove the animals from the premises.
  •  Any person denied a permit or has a permit revoked shall have the right to appeal the decision to the city manager or his designee. Appeal shall be made by giving written notice to the City Manager within 30 days of the date of the denial or revocation. The City Manager or his designee shall conduct a hearing to determine if the permit should be denied or revoked. (Ordinance of 3-15-88, § l)

Note about Livestock and Wild Animals: no person may keep within the city any wild animal or livestock except in accordance with a livestock permit. Livestock shall include cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, mules and all other animals that typically are kept primarily for productive or useful purposes rather than as pets. Wild animals shall include an animal that typically is found in a non-domesticated state and that, because of its size or vicious propensity or because it is poisonous or for any other substantial reason poses a potential danger to persons, other animals or property or is classified as a wild animal by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. 

Applicant ResponsibilitiesThe applicant alone bears the responsibility of insuring that his/her lot, structures, and uses thereon, do not violate other laws, regulations, or the rights of neighbors and other parties. Applicant acknowledges that he/she has not relied on any oral or written statements of any officer of Wilmington, as to any matters other than zoning. I hereby certify that the information submitted in accordance with this application is correct, that I am the property owner or have permission from the property owner to submit this application. 

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