Construction Management Section

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Construction Management is an integral part of the Engineering Division providing Engineering Inspections and Right-of-Way permitting. As a front line group to the construction community and others, it is important that we work together and communicate effectively. Our primary services are to:

  • Inspect public infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, driveways, pathways and storm water pipes, etc.
  • Inspect and administer closeouts for Private Sector development
  • Issue Right-of-Way and Utility permits
  • Support capital project planning and design
  • Respond to citizens’ concerns regarding Right-of-Way work activities

With all of our services, our main goals include achieving quality in construction and a safe working environment for contractors and the public. We strive to be responsive and professional to ensure a high level of workmanship and documentation along with a rewarding experience.

Bret Russell, P.E. Construction Manager

Right-of-Way Permitting

Engineering provides permitting services for right-of-way work and utility work. Please help us complete your application by reviewing the examples and providing complete information. Information about permitting and the ROW Program are located here.

Dennis Rachocki, ROW Specialist


The City of Wilmington provides Inspections for Capital projects, Private Development and ROW work activities. It is important that the contractor establishes communication with the City Inspector ahead of beginning work to coordinate any scheduling and materials testing. Any work that is found to be in non-compliance with City Codes and Standards may be required to be removed or rebuilt. It is important that contractors include City Inspections while scheduling a pre-construction meeting.