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Official Acceptance

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One of the most continuous and on-going activities within the City of Wilmington is the improvement and construction of streets and drainage systems by private developers that are offered to the City to become public. Official Acceptance (OA) is the process of “turning over” these infrastructure improvements to the City for ownership, maintenance, and operation after construction of all public items are completed.

The OA process requires that improvements must be “dedicated”, and improvements must be “accepted”. Dedicated improvements are simply items identified on a final recorded plat to be 'public'. The recordation of the plat indicates that these specific items are to be eventually “accepted” as public. Accepted improvements are items that have been “dedicated” and have gone through the complete OA process.

Developers that desire to complete OA shall first make a formal request and provide the information outlined in the 'Development Verification Checklist for Official Acceptance'. Items from the checklist include:

  • Developer’s Letter of Request for Official Acceptance;
  • Developer’s Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims and Release of liens;
  • Developer’s Assignment of all Warranties and Guaranties;
  • Subcontractor’s Release and Waiver of Liens;
  • Record Drawing (As-Built) Checklist;
  • Engineer’s Valuation Estimate Form

For current Official Acceptance forms, please see the Forms & Policies page.