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Brandon, RyanPolice OfficerPolice
Brannon, MichaelPolice OfficerPolice
Breeden, KimCrime Scene TechnicianPolice910.341.3644
Brown, JoshuaPolice OfficerPolice910.343.3600
Burry, BrandonPolice OfficerPolice
Butterworth, BrittanyPolice Dci ClerkPolice
Bluford, BluCode Enforcement OfficerPolice910.343.3628
Boozell, NathanPolice OfficerPolice
Borton, LucasPolice OfficerPolice
Boucher, StephaniePolice LieutenantPolice910.341.0164
Bould, TimothyPolice OfficerPolice
Bowling, JohnPolice OfficerPolice
Boyce, CharlesPolice OfficerPolice
Boyd, RobinPolice Admin SupervisorPolice910.341.0150
Bannerman, TwoneHousekeeperPolice
Barsaleau, JeremyPolice CorporalPolice910.343.3600
Beguhl, MarkPolice SergeantPolice910.772.6944
Bell, JamesPolice OfficerPolice
Berrio, GaryPolice CorporalPolice910.343.3600
Best, TeresaAdmin Support TechnicianPolice910.341.0157
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