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The voter-approved 2014 transportation bond included intersection improvements in and around Pine Grove Drive. A comprehensive traffic analysis has been conducted to look at the best way to implement these improvements. The analysis takes into account the ripple effect that occurs when nearby traffic patterns are changed in one specific location and looks at the area as a whole.

At their Jan. 21, 2020 meeting, City Council approved an engineering contract to design four projects based on results of the traffic study. Click here to see the presentation. Council approved the design of the following improvements:

Improvement: Oleander Dr. /Pine Grove Dr. intersection & Pine Grove Dr./MacMillan Ave. - will change from skewed intersection alignments to two safer offset “T” intersections.

These improvements will realign the intersection of Pine Grove Drive and Oleander Drive, add a traffic signal and provide signalized pedestrian crossings with marked crosswalks at both intersections. A roundabout was originally proposed at Pine Grove/MacMillan, but the traffic study and subsequent cost estimates found that option was not feasible.

Benefits of this project include:

  • Improve the skew of the intersection of Pine Grove Drive and Oleander Drive;
  • Improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists at these intersections;
  • Allow for safer and more comfortable passage of Oleander Drive by bicyclists and pedestrians and increase their visibility to motorists.

Improvement: Pine Grove Dr. /Holly Tree Rd. intersection - will get signal improvements and a second southbound lane on Pine Grove Drive.

Improvement: Pine Grove Dr./Greenville Loop Rd intersection - will change from a signalized intersection that causes extreme delays and back-ups to a dual lane roundabout.

These improvements will include a dual lane roundabout at the intersection of Pine Grove Drive and Greenville Loop Road, an additional southbound lane on Pine Grove between Greenville Loop Road and Beasley Road, intersection improvements at Pine Grove Drive and Holly Tree Road, and pedestrian improvements. A roundabout was originally proposed at Pine Grove/HollyTree, but the traffic study found current and future traffic volumes are already too great for a roundabout at that location, so other intersection improvements will be done there instead.

Benefits of these projects include:

  • Improve traffic flow;
  • Reduce the number of vehicular conflict points;
  • Improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Related/nearby improvement: Wrightsville Ave. /Wallace Ave. intersection - will change to a free flowing roundabout and include more sidewalk connectivity.

The improvements will include filling in gaps of sidewalk on Wrightsville Avenue between Independence Boulevard and Hawthorne Drive and create a 2.5-mile continuous stretch of sidewalk that is anticipated to run along the north side of Wrightsville Avenue. Sidewalks will be installed on Wrightsville from Independence Boulevard to College Road and College Road to the Cape Fear Hospital at Hawthorne Drive.

Benefits of this project include:

  • Help provide safe pedestrian/bike connections between multiple neighborhoods, Cape Fear Hospital, shopping areas, UNCW, the Cross-City Trail, and the River-to-Sea bike route;
  • Roundabout will improve traffic flow along Wrightsville where it backs up just east of College Road.



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Denise Freund’s presentation to Council, May 7, 2019

Informative video about roundabouts