2016 Parks Bond Parks, Trails & Athletic Facilities

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Olsen Park Phase II Continuance
Olsen Park plan

Cost: $2 million

The City has started Phase II with a volleyball court, landscaping and picnic areas. The funding would allow the city to further pursue Phase II which to include a multipurpose field, tennis or pickle ball courts, additional parking a maintenance structure and interior walkways. This project is slated for 2020-2023. 

Greenfield Park

Municipal Golf Course 

Cost: $1 million

Project includes improvements to the golf clubhouse and entrance. The new bid for the Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse repairs has been advertised.  The pre-bid meeting was held on March 19 and the bid opening is scheduled for May 19.

Greenfield Park Improvements

Cost: $500,000

Project includes the resurfacing of the trail that goes around Greenfield Lake, new fountain, irrigation and landscape lighting at the Fragrance Garden and bridge refurbishment. This project is slated for 2020-2023. 

Halyburton Park

Cost: $305,000

Project includes expanding the current maintenance building, building interior boardwalk trails, up-fitting the Visitor Center and replacing interpretive signage.This project is slated for 2020-2023. 

Bradley Creek Kayak/Canoe Launch

Cost: $220,000

Project includes kayak/canoe launch and parking.

Wade Park

Cost: $85,000

  • Demolition of the building, site graded, and seeding has been completed. 
  • Interpretive signage for Wade Park has been installed.
  • The playground bid package is being prepared for purchasing.  Playground improvements will include the installation of a border around the existing playground and new swing set.  Swings were requested by the public.  

Skate Park

Cost: $65,000

Facility upgrades to the park included a water fountain, shade canopy, fence repairs, and concrete resealing. Other improvements included the addition of BMX and skateboard amenities. The skate park office, which is essentially a shed, was also replaced. The improvements have been completed. 

Security Upgrades

Cost: $50,000

Project included security upgrades made at various recreational facilities. These upgrades have been completed. 

Althea Gibson Tennis Complex Resurfacing

Cost: $40,000

Eleven tennis courts have been resurfaced at the Althea Gibson Tennis Complex. The project is completed.  

Resurface Parking Lots

Cost: $30,000

Project includes resurfacing of parking lots at Legion Sports Complex (completed), Fit For Fun Center and the Sherriedale Morgan Fitness Center. 

Gary Shell Cross-City Trail

Cost: $25,000

Funds would be used to make landscaping improvements and install parking. This project is slated for 2020-2023.