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Our citizens have told us that preserving the public’s investment in our infrastructure is important. With that in mind, the city created the 5-year infrastructure improvement plan. High priority construction and maintenance project in the plan are funded by dedicating 5¢ of the city’s property tax that is put into a separate account and cannot be used for anything else. 

The initial 5-year infrastructure improvement plan funded $41 million worth of projects in fiscal years 2012-17. The next phase of the plan was approved in the summer of 2017 and funds $59 million in construction projects in fiscal years 2018-23.

What will get paved and when will it get paved?

How will the money be spent?

Streets and Sidewalks. More than half of funds in the current plan will pay for street and sidewalk repairs and paving projects, including $31,898,361 in street maintenance and rehabilitation, sidewalk construction and repairs, bridge repair and pedestrian and bike improvements. Funding is also included for street and streetscape improvements for projects with the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

Parks and Recreation. $3,679,783 has been allocated for improvements at existing parks and for the maintenance and repair of various park facilities throughout the city. 

Public Facilities. $23,530,969 has been allocated for a new public safety training facility, a new fire station in RiverLights and maintenance of various public buildings.

Preserving the investment

After investing in repaving and repairing streets, the city takes steps to keep that pavement in good shape as long as possible. Streets repaved less than 5 years ago are treated with a type of waterproofing seal that is environmentally-friendly, water-based and water soluble. It has been used successfully in US cities for more than 60 years and costs about 10 percent of what more traditional methods of road rehabilitation cost.

Citizen input

According to the 2017 Citizen Survey, the biggest area of concern to residents was maintenance.

  • 53% felt city should spend more on maintenance of streets & sidewalks
  • Citizens were unhappy with the current condition of streets & sidewalks
  • Residents felt the city was taking too long to repair streets