5 year Plan

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Over half of the $41 million dedicated to the 5-year improvement plan will be spent on improving city streets.

Following is a list of projects included in the 5-year maintenance & construction plan. The list may change as projects are coordinated with other agencies, such as the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and the North Carolina Department of Transportation in an effort avoid duplication and unnecessary cost.

Project 5-Year Total

Streets, Sidewalks & Transportation

Streets rehabilitation 21,000,000
Multimodal Transportation Center 600,000
Kerr Ave. bicycle facility (w/sidewalks) 1,140,000
N. 3rd St. Bridge project 350,000
Sign inventory & assessment 90,000
North/South 17th Street 250,000
Sidewalk rehab/repairs 750,000
Pedestrian/bike improvements 1,350,000
Bridge repair 886,300
Cinema Drive 600,000
Coordinated improvements w/CFPUA 2,858,250
Wayfinding signage 72,000
Front & Red Cross signal 406,000
Total 30,352,550

Riverwalk & Riverfront Improvements

Conlon Pier repair 1,712,000
Coastline Inn bulkhead stabilization 1,012,184
Market St. H piles stabilization 359,100
Riverwalk pocket parks stabilization 466,000
Water St. shoreline stabilization 216,000
Dram Tree shoreline stabilization 387,000
Church St. shoreline stabilization 193,500
Riverwalk Brooks Building 280,800
Market St. bulkhead repair 200,600
Total 4,827,184

Parks Improvements

Park facilities maintenance 1,000,000
Alderman Preserve - Phase I 1,325,000
Riverfront Park rehabilitation 250,000
Empie Park improvements 1,439,570
Olsen Park - Phase II 180,000
Total 4,194,570

Public Facilities

Building maintenance 1,644,500
Total 1,644,500

Citizen Input

According to the recent Citizen Survey, the biggest area of concern to residents was maintenance.

  • 53% felt city should spend more on maintenance of streets & sidewalks
  • Citizens were unhappy with the current condition of streets & sidewalks
  • Residents felt the city was taking too long to repair streets