The City’s Tree Maintenance Section is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the City’s urban forest
  • Leading tree preservation efforts
  • Participating in the site development review process for adherence to the City’s tree codes.

The Tree Division consists of  

  • 1 Forestry Management Supervisor (Arborist),
  • 1 Tree Crew Supervisor
  • 3 Crew Leaders
  • 6 Tree Trimmers 

City Staff maintains:

  • 30,000+ street trees on over 450 miles of City-owned streets 
  • 40 miles of NCDOT roads containing approximately 2,500 trees
  • 750 acres of city owned properties including city parks, athletic & recreation facilities, city lots and other government properties.

 Our trees consist of a variety of species and range from newly planted to 100+ years old.

Current Tree Maintenance Underway by Duke Progress Energy 


City Tree Planting Practices   Species of Trees we Plant

The tree management division works closely with the Wilmington Tree Commission to support tree planting activities that contribute to making the City an inviting and pleasant community for residents and visitors.

Planting This Fiscal Year

  • 57 trees are being planted in March by city contractor.
  • In Fall 2020 an additional 285 trees will be planted. (this was delayed due to COVID-19.
  • Parks & Tree staff have planted 42 trees in January, 22 trees  in February, 65 trees in March and 22 trees  in April.
  • Alliance/volunteers and city staff together have planted 143 grant/donation funded trees since July 2019
  • Alliance planted 55- 60 more trees on February 28, 2020 in downtown area.  Funding by Legacy Tree Fund Grant.
  • The Alliance has approximately 42 Trees Forever requests that will be planted by city staff this winter.
  • The Alliance for Cape Fear Trees with City Support distributed 1500 trees to the public at no cost in December..   Funding provided by National Arbor Day and Enterprise Rent-A-Car  In February they .  

New Tree Planting: 

  • New street tree locations (that did not previously have trees) are decided based on: citizen requests and grant opportunities that allow new trees (conforming to grant requirements). 
  • Staff recommendations for shade or aesthetic improvements within city parks and properties.
  •  Species are chosen based on prior experience, suggestions from area nurseries, stake holder recommendations, staff arborist’s knowledge and citizen preference (when appropriate).       
  • Please see City Tree Planting Practices for more information.